Blackjack Bankroll and Wagering

Most players who are new to the exciting and potentially profitable world of internet based gambling and online blackjack casinos are obsessed with finding that perfect system that will allow them to beat the house, win big and retire on a sunny tropic island somewhere of the cost of South America. That’s the dream, at least – and while there’s nothing wrong with dreaming, the reality is somewhat different. Just like you can’t run before you learn how to crawl, stand and walk, you can’t work out an online blackjack betting system before you become a master of basic online blackjack techniques – and bankroll management and wagering are the foundations of every sound blackjack strategy.

Bankroll management and blackjack wagering play a crucial role in another important online gambling strategy – card counting. Once you master card counting, you will be able to know when the odds will shift in your favor – and when that happens, you have a chance to win big by betting big. Being able to effectively manage your bankroll is just as important, since a card counter must accept the fact that there will be at least one cold streak in every online blackjack session.Having a sizable bankroll and knowing how to use it will allow an experienced online blackjack player to weather a cold streak and “ride it out” until the tables turn. Always remember – there’s no such thing as “instant success” in a game of online blackjack. An successful online blackjack player is more like a marathon runner than a 100 yard dash sprinter – he knows that significant statistical advantage will only happen if he is prepared to play long term. Play to win short term, and nine times out of ten, you will leave empty handed sooner than you expected.

Your bankroll is best defined as the amount of money you start your blackjack session with. Your minimum, as well as the maximum bet should be determined by your bankroll. And again – you should always make sure that you have enough money to see you through even the toughest losing streaks.

Speaking of minimum and maximum wager – on average, you should never bet less than 0.75% of your total bankroll. For an example, if your total bankroll is $2000, your minimal bet should be around $15. If you prefer a more aggressive playing style, feel free to increase your minimum bet to 1% of your total bankroll – in that case, your minimum bet should be $20.

Minimum bet is all fine and well when the cards don’t favor you, but what to do when you determine (or sense) a hot streak coming up? Most experts recommend that in a five deck shoe, you go with a wager that’s eight times the minimum one. Personally, i like to push the envelope a bit, so i will often bet ten times the minimum bet in order to recuperate the loses suffered during cold streaks. - 2012-2024 - All Rights Reserved